Ten reasons


If you are wondering why this blog is called zero dinero, here are the top ten reasons (or impossibly implausible ideas);

  1. The amount of money that is earned by this blogger from reading and writing.  Note: at this point in time….. you never know what will happen if you keep trying, just ask Thomas the Tank Engine.
  2. It’s what happens when caught up reading a book – ‘no, there is no dinner!’ (not quite the right translation but hey who’s being technical now).
  3. The cost to you of reading my ‘ruminations’ and being gentle.
  4. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of so many vintage comedians like the Marx Bros. or Abbott and Costello and makes me smile.
  5. That’s about how much it costs to use a Public Library – how important are they!
  6. It’s a nod to some possible Spanish heritage (that’s another story).
  7. How much money is left in the pocket after the book hoarding tendency has been satisfied …………………..not really satisfied but almost, you can never have enough books.
  8. I really like Robert De Niro (close but no cigar!).
  9. Zero is such a lovely round figure – just like me.
  10. It takes exactly that amount of money to be loved and to love the people in your life. Don’t waste your time searching for mucho dinero when what you need is already within your grasp.

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